How To Stop Your Costume Jewelry From Tarnishing

Now you can make your cheap jewelry last for months… even years without tarnishing! Read on and find out how.


Do you have a piece of cheap jewelry that you love? Isn’t it sad to see it tarnish after a few wears?

As you may have noticed, we sell costume jewelry here on our website.  I think our jewelry looks fabulous!  And I hope you think so too… that you consider buying some for yourself.   But, if you’re like me, there are tons of beautiful pieces of costume jewelry – that when you see them, you fall in love with them… you want them!  But, you hesitate to buy because in your past experience, you know that its beauty won’t last long.  It’s going to tarnish… turn green or black, or whatever.  Uh!  So, like millions of women, you refuse to waste your hard earned money on beautiful cheap  jewelry you know will only last a week… or maybe once, and then it tarnishes!


Beautiful costume jewelry like this can be preserved for years with protect it the right way.
Beautiful costume jewelry like this can be preserved for years with a simple, cheap technique.


Well, what if I told you there’s a quick, easy, and cheap, yes cheap way of stopping your favorite fake jewelry from tarnishing quickly.  That there is a simple, inexpensive fix to making your cheap jewelry last months, even years longer.  How you ask?


The trick is to coat your jewelry with a powerful clear protected gloss that can be found online, or at your local hardware store, Home Depot, Loews, Walmart,, etc.  Now, you will no longer have to worry about your jewelry tarnishing.  You can buy all the beautiful pieces you want without hesitation.


Provides a clear protective coat to your cheap fashion jewelry

The old, long, tedious way to preserve your cheap jewelry was to apply a coat of clear nail polish to it.  But there is an easier, faster way.  And it takes only seconds to do.


By spraying a clear protective coating, namely a rust repellent such as Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel, or Krylon Crystal Clear on your fashion jewelry, you can make your jewelry last for months, even years to come.    The protective coating significantly slows down the oxidation process that causes your cheap jewelry to rust or turn colors.


NOTE:  Please make sure you are in a well-ventilated area before using crystal clear enamel spray.


When your jewelry comes in contact with the air, your skin, body oils, sweat, etc., your jewelry will surely begin to rust.   Once you coat your jewelry with Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel or Krylon Crystal Clear, your jewelry will retain its newness and shine for months and years.


Watch and see how easy it is to do.


You can protect large pieces of costume jewelry too.  Watch below.


This is my quick fix to make my cheap fashion jewelry pieces last longer. I’ve purchased pieces from our store, Walmart, Rainbow,

Also can be used to preserve your fashion jewelry for months and years.
Also can be used to preserve your fashion jewelry for months and years.

beauty supply stores, or from anyplace that sells beautiful fashion jewelry. I found that my fake gold jewelry was tarnishing too quickly, sooooo I went to Walmart and found the Krylon clear protected gloss to spray on my jewelry so that it can stay gold for a longer time!!!! And it has.  It looks just as beautiful and new as the day I bought them.  Yours will too if you take a few minutes to coat them using a protective rust repellent.


Also, if you are allergic to cheap jewelry, the protective coating can stand as a barrier between your skin and the jewelry.  Although we can’t make any guarantees that you won’t have an allergic reaction, even after using the crystal clear glaze, you may want to test coating your jewelry for yourself to determine whether or not you will have an allergic reaction before deciding to invest in large amounts of cheap jewelry. Most people with allergies have found they do not have a negative reaction if they place a protective glaze on their jewelry.


If you are allergic to fake jewelry, here’s a testimony from someone who is allergic to cheap jewelry, but can now wear it because of Krylon Crystal Clear.


I hope this helps you as much as it did me because my fake jewelry has lasted longer than ever!  Good luck!


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